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Kamloops Cosmetic Dentistry

A gorgeous movie star smile is only an appointment away! Take a look at the variety of cosmetic dentistry services we offer at Riverside Dental Clinic.


Veneers offer the quickest, most drastic change to your entire smile. These porcelain coverings are perfectly coloured and shaped to give you the appearance of a naturally perfect smile. Whether you struggle with misshapen, discoloured, eroded, gapped, or worn down teeth, you can trust a set of veneers to wipe away every flaw instantly. The veneers are carefully fixed to your teeth and cemented into place.


Similar to veneers, lumineers offer a thinner covering. This means that they can be attached more easily and without the use of drilling or sedation.


Contouring is a quick cosmetic service that can be completed in a single visit. We will reshape your tooth to work out the appearance of minor chips and stains, or adjust the spacing.


Bonding can help change the shape of your tooth by applying a special tooth-coloured resin. This resin is carefully sculpted and affixed to the tooth to give you a natural-looking perfect tooth shape. This is a great option if you suffer from gaps, chips, or misshapen teeth.

Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic crowns are specially made for cosmetic purposes and function just like ordinary crowns. This type of crown can protect a damaged tooth from further damage, restore tooth function, and change the appearance of a heavily discoloured tooth.

Your brand new smile is just a call away. Book your cosmetic dentistry appointment today!

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