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Kamloops Mouth Guards & Appliances

Physical damage to your teeth can be just as detrimental to your oral health as decay and bacterial infections. Luckily, you can still play your favorite sports or have your mind at ease while you sleep with a custom made sports guard or bite appliance from Riverside Dental Clinic!

Sports Guards

Do you play a contact sport such as rugby, hockey, soccer, football, or martial arts? Then you need a sports guard to protect your teeth from physical damage. Contact from sports equipment or another player can cause teeth to be knocked out or broken. Soft tissues such as your cheeks and tongue are also at risk of being injured by teeth during a sports impact. A sports guard is custom moulded to perfectly fit the shape of your mouth and prevents these dangerous injuries from happening.

Bite Appliances

Do you grind your teeth at night, also known as having “bruxism”? Night grinding can wear down the enamel of your teeth, making them more susceptible to damage, decay, and infections. It can also cause a great deal of jaw pain and migraines. With a custom bite appliance, your teeth are protected from grinding at night without sacrificing the comfort you need to sleep.

Give us a call today to talk about getting your own custom sports guard or bite appliance!

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