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Kamloops Dental Restorations

Tooth decay can have a large impact on the health of your smile. Fortunately even if damage has occured, Riverside Dental Clinic is here to provide dental restorations.


If the enamel of your tooth gets worn down due to bacteria and decay, a small hole can form. This hole becomes a gateway for bacteria to invade your tooth. To prevent this, we apply a protective filling made of metal or composite material.


You don’t have to settle for misshapen, discoloured, or damaged teeth. We can apply a crown to the affected tooth for greater strength and a more pleasing natural appearance.


Inlays are created in a lab prior to your appointment and cemented onto cavity damaged teeth. They provide protection for more severe cavities. An inlay is placed alongside the tooth.


Just like inlays, onlays are created in the lab to help repair teeth damaged by cavities. Onlays are different in that they are placed on the biting surface of the tooth. This means they can withstand greater pressure for chewing.


If you have one or multiple missing teeth but can’t get a dental implant, a bridge is another option. With a bridge, your artificial replacement teeth will be created and cemented into place with the help your adjacent existing teeth.

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