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Kamloops Wisdom Teeth

The wisdom teeth are an extra set of upper and lower molars which form at the very back of the mouth. They are redundant teeth that grow in typically during the later teenage years. Due to complications that can happen, removal is usually necessary.

Why Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Left alone, growing wisdom teeth can cause pain, many oral complications, and damage. If they grow in at a slanted angle, they can push against adjacent teeth causing compaction. Damaging adjacent teeth and overcrowding the mouth are other common problems that can occur. Sometimes wisdom teeth can partially erupt, letting bacteria get in and irritate the gum tissue.

The Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

Getting your wisdom teeth removed may seem frightening, but it’s an easy and quick procedure. You’ll first come in for a consultation where your dentist will take an X-ray of your mouth. With this, the dentist can see exactly where the wisdom teeth are and how they’re growing. On the day of the procedure you will be given general anesthesia, so you won’t even feel a thing.

The treatment will pass by like a quick nap. When you wake up, your wisdom teeth will be gone and you’ll be on the road to healing. For pain management during the healing process, we may prescribe some pain medication for you.

Book your wisdom teeth removal consultation today and prevent complications down the road.

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