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Kamloops Periodontics

We like to focus on teaching and provided preventative care to ensure our patients stay orally healthy. However, sometimes damage and decay does occur. When this happens, we’re right there to bring your smile back to good health with periodontics services. Take a look at the types of periodontics we offer at the clinic.

Tooth extraction

If the tooth and root has been damaged or compromised to the point that we can’t repair it, a tooth extraction will be necessary. This might seem like a scary procedure, but rest assured that we can provide sedation and comfort as necessary. Dental implants, bridges, and dentures are some of the options you will have to replace an extracted tooth.

Ridge socket preservation

After a tooth extraction, the tissues around the gums and jawbone become fragile. To protect these tissues and prevent them from collapsing into the tooth socket, we fill the socket with a special protective material. This can be a short term solution.

Ridge augmentation

If the socket ridge has already been weakened or deteriorated, we can strengthen the area with tissue grafts or reinforcements.

Sinus augmentation

If a patient’s sinuses are too close to the jaw, we can perform a bone augmentation to the upper jaw on either side of the nose. This “lifts” the sinuses and makes it possible for other procedures to be done.

Bone grafts

If your jawbone has been deteriorated due to decay or missing teeth, we can graft bone material to strengthen and provide more density to the area. This procedure may be necessary to place dental implants if there is not enough existing jawbone for the implant to fuse to.

Gum grafting

If gums are allowed to erode for a long period of time, the gum line can become so thin that the tooth roots are exposed. This is very dangerous for your teeth, as the roots are fragile and susceptible to damage if not protected. A gum graft replaces gum tissue in order to strengthen the area and protect your teeth from further damage.

Pocket depth reduction

“Pockets” can sometimes form between the gum and the tooth. These pockets may collect bacteria and endanger your teeth. We can reduce the risk of infection in these areas by reducing the size of the pockets.

Flap procedures

You may be in need of a procedure that requires the dentist to access an area of the mouth blocked by gum tissue. In this case, the dentist will cut away the gum in a “flap procedure” to gain access to the affected area. Once the work is complete, the gum will be put back in place with sutures and will heal to be as good as new.


Sometimes the tissue that connects the mouth to the gums can be too tight, causing discomfort or aesthetic problems (such as gap teeth). This procedure removes the offending tissue and fixes these problems.

Crown lengthening

If your gum line is covering too much of your tooth, we can correct it by raising a portion of the crown above the gums. This can either be done for aesthetic reasons or to conduct another needed procedure.

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